Friday, April 25, 2008

Hi everyone! My name is Christine, and elsewhere on the Net I'm known as Stoogeswoman and Theistgal. But in this blog, I'm (wait for it):


“Curvy” is because I just recently (like two weeks ago) rejoined Curves for Women, the workout place closest to my office and easiest for me to get to. I also joined Weight Watchers for the first time ever. So this will be sort of a weight-loss blog, I guess.

I’ve been inspired and humbled by other weight-loss blogs, particularly “Dietgirl” (Shauna Reid) who has me awestruck with her tenacity and good humor. If I’m one-tenth as persistent – and entertaining – as she is, I’ll be quite happy.

“Catholic” because, well, I’m Catholic and proud of it! So from time to time I may throw in some stuff about my church and my religious life. If anything I say offends anyone – well, then you probably shouldn’t be anywhere near a computer! Besides, I seriously doubt a whole lot of people are going to read this right away, so I’m not terribly worried.

So let’s get to the weight loss stats, shall we?

Weight upon first joining Weight Watchers/Curves: 224.4
Weigh-In at WW on 4/17/08: 220.8
Net Loss So Far: 3.6 pounds!

Yay for me! I think I'm doing pretty well, don't you? So thanks for reading my first post, and I hereby make a commitment that I will post at least once a week and AT LEAST with my current weight stats if nothing more interesting.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!