Monday, January 19, 2009

Irony, thy name is Curves!

OK, I was up a little bit again this week - weighed in at 191.2.

So I says to my husband (shown here napping with Princess, the cat who adores him and imitates his every move), I says, "Hey, maybe I'll try going to Curves again this week. You know, just to see if it really makes any difference."

And my husband says to me, he says, "Hey, yeah, that's a great idea!"

So I goes in to work, all psyched up to do my first Curves workout in - what? - a month?

I gots my shoes, I gots my socks, I got my hideous purple shorts - in short, I am ready to WORK OUT, baby!

Only to get to the door and see the following sign: "Closed in honor of Martin Luther King Day."

Whoopsy daisy! Forgot about that li'l detail, yes indeedy!

Oh well, as Scarlett O'Hara* famously opined, "Tomorrow is another day!"

And I really do feel the need to change my workout again. Yesterday I did about 40 minutes on the Tony Little Gazelle out in the driveway. And it felt really good! So although I've been enjoying my daily walks in L.A., I think it's time to switch back to Curves, for a while at least. Get those biceps and triceps and quadriceps and quintupleceps in shape again.

So get ready, Curves of Bunker Hill - I'm comin' back! 'Cause tomorrow is another day! (And also 'cause I'm still paying you $39 bucks a month, so I should probably get something out of it.)

*apologies to the politically correct amongst you for referring to Scarlett O'Hara on MLK day - not to even mention the dawn of the Obamanation tomorrow! Mea culpa, y'all!