Sunday, June 22, 2008

Uh oh ... up again???

Oh noes (as they say on Cute Overload)- up another 0.8 pounds!

Not to worry, I think I have it figured out. Either:

1. I'm not drinking enough water, or

2. I'm pregnant.

..... whaaaaa????? .....

Re: #2 - don't panic! But it's possible in theory as I'm over a month late. However, that's happened before, and I'm at "that age" (49) where it could be the Big M. So I'm not too concerned - yet. Will keep you posted!

Just to get some Catholic stuff in my supposedly Catholic blog, my husband and I have been having an interesting discussion about the Roman Catholic church vs. the Eastern Orthodox. I've been reading some polemical discussions about E.O. on the Net and have become interested in the way Orthodoxy governs itself vs. the Papacy.

Steve, being in the Byzantine Catholic Church (aka Ruthenian Catholic, aka Greek Catholic, aka ... ) for most of his life, knows a lot more about the history and has been filling me in. I do love the Orthodox liturgical traditions and find their theology more compatible with my own personal beliefs.

Of course, I know that doesn't necessarily mean they're right - I have to do some more research and figure these things out for myself!

And I'm nowhere near being ready to convert to Orthodoxy ... for one thing, I'm a "cradle Catholic" and there's still a lot of good stuff in the Roman Catholic church. Also, in the Byzantine (Ruthenian/Greek/...) Catholic church we attend, I am learning to appreciate the Eastern traditions without having to make the gut-wrenching leap to the other side of the 1054 Divide.

So - lots of interesting things going on in my life this week, which is why an 0.8 pound weight gain is kinda low on my list of things to worry about!

Hmm ... think I'll get another glass of water ... ;-)