Monday, March 2, 2009

Better late than never, and falling in love with ebooks!

Hi! Sorry to be late! I usually try to update my blog first thing Monday morning, but today was awfully busy!

Weight first - it's exactly the same as last week. I won't tell you what that is, so as to encourage you to scroll back to last week's entry. I need the hits!

About the post title - a couple of weeks ago I discovered the joys of ebook readers! I was sitting next to a woman on the subway who was reading an Amazon Kindle. When I got to work, I started reading everything I could find about it.

Unfortunately, the price tag - over 350 smackeroonies - discouraged me. I really wanted it BUT just couldn't justify it.

And then - I found the eBookwise 1150! At only $135.95 it was obviously way more affordable than the Kindle. And everything I read about it at places like the MobileRead forums (where I'm registered as "stoogeswoman" - drop by and say hi!)* led me to believe it would be a good alternative.

Did I say "good"? Make that GREAT!! Because I really, really love it! I've put about 50 books on it and there's room for more!

I carry it with me and read it on the subway -- and now I'm the one inspiring other people to research ebooks!

But does that mean I gave up on the Kindle? Not hardly! What I did was get a used Kindle 1.0 (a real steal at $200!) and it just arrived in the mail today. It's very different from the eBookwise - for one thing, much lighter in weight, and the buttons are in different places, so it'll take some getting used to.

The main advantage to it, however, is that it has a direct connection to Amazon - so I really have to be careful, in these tough economic times, not to blow our entire bank account on ebooks!

(Um, sweetie ... just pretend you didn't read that ... ok?)

(*P.S. here's my thread at MobileRead with a slightly more detailed review of my two beloved readers!)