Monday, January 12, 2009

When is a gain not a gain?

225 Pounds
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When the previous week's loss was caused by the "D-word", that's when!

No, I won't repeat the way-too-TMI info from last week (you can read it yourself anyway!). Let's just say I'm 99.9% recovered from that disgusting parasite, and move on - shall we?

Anyway, as predicted, I did gain back some of my faux weight loss from last week - two pounds, to be exact - but I'm actually counting it as a loss. I weighed in at 190.6, and two weeks ago my weight was 190.8. So if you don't count that unfortunate episode, I actually LOST 0.2 pounds.

And I'm back on track! And one thing hasn't changed since last week - I am grateful for my renewed health, and trying to maintain that attitude. Losing weight is great, as long as you're doing it because you WANT to and not because your body just won't keep anything in.

Hmm....well, I did say I wasn't going to talk about that anymore, didn't I? Nyuk nyuk!

Here's something more interesting - I have been going absolutely nuts with the digital camera my wonderful husband gave me for Christmas! And as promised, I'm going to start posting at least one photo here every week. How about the requisite "Fat Me and Not-So-Fat Me" photos that seem to be a part of every halfway decent weight loss blog? Here's the first one:

This was sometime early last year (2008). My husband and I went to the Getty Museum to see the Icons of the Sinai exhibit. My weight then was about 225 or 230 - I'm not 100% sure because at the time I wasn't worrying about it too much - just enjoying being with my handsome hubby out in the sunshine!

Now here's a more recent photo -- see any difference? This is from about two weeks ago - at @ 195 pounds:

Not bad, eh? I do kind of miss the long blonde hair; but notice I'm no longer wearing the ankle-length skirt? Wow, I actually have LEGS under there!

And the difference between these photos is about a year - and about 30 pounds. Not a bad way to spend the year.

I still have a long way to go, but I feel so much better -- and healthier now. I haven't really changed that much *inside* but my *outsides* are lookin' pretty good, I think! (Tsk! brag brag brag!)

By the way, I'm still struggling to figure out this photoblogging stuff, so please excuse the crapulence of my formatting here. I'll get it worked out! Oh, and if you're wondering, "Where's the CATHOLIC stuff, dagnab it???", check out my channel at Youtube - I've uploaded a few videos there showcasing my wonderful Byzantine Catholic Church. Enjoy!

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