Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey, this Vegan stuff really works! and a fun hike through Chatsworth history

Wow, folks, after just one week of being a Vegan, I lost 1.8 pounds!!

My official current weight as of Saturday morning is 182.6, in case you're keeping track.

Not only do I feel great, but my husband and I did a moderately serious hike yesterday! Things did get a little hairy there for a while, as you can see in this video:

However, we got back on track and had a great time! Where we were was this neat old stagecoach trail in Chatsworth, California - all the way up to this sign:

Part of the trail is called the "Devil's Slide", and boy, is that ever accurate ... I kept thinking I was going to slide all the way down from the top!

But fortunately I had a sure-footed guide (my hubby) to lead the way (and catch me, just in case)!

All in all, it was a great weekend, and a great ending to my first full week of Goin' Vegan!

P.s. Steve confessed that he was afraid I was going to become one of those tree-huggin' hippie liberals. It's true - there does seem to be this, shall we say, interesting mental image that comes to mind when you think of "vegans":

As for me, every time I think "Vegan", I think of "Vulcan" - or worse yet, "V-ger" from the first, worst Star Trek movie. (I won't post a photo - that sorry piece of you-know-what doesn't deserve any more free publicity!)

So anyway, either I come up with a different name for "a person who tries to avoid consuming animal products" - like maybe CCV (for "conservative Catholic vegan) -

OR - we just shout it out loud: I'm a conservative Catholic vegan and proud!

Decisions ... decisions!

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