Monday, June 14, 2010

One obituary Christians hated; and WIN A FREE BOOK!!

Many bloggers knew (if only by his own blog, Internet Monk) and loved the late, great Michael Spencer.

His obituary was one none of us wanted to read.

And his widow Diane's harrowing blog post today tells us a lot of the reason why.

Yes, it is hard to lose someone you love. And it's hard to see a "bright side".

But if there is a bright side to Michael's death, it is Michael's life. I don't know if anyone this side of heaven is keeping track of how many people his words at "Internet Monk" have helped. But I'm betting the stats number into the thousands, at least. And I'm humbly proud (is that a thing?) to count myself in there somewhere.

So on the bright side of this post (and yes, in a blatant attempt to raise my blog's hit count - hey, that's how you get people to read you, right?), I'm starting a contest:

FOUR BRAND-NEW COPIES of Michael Spencer's newly published book, Mere Churchianity!

How It Works:

1. Post a (non-spamming) comment on this blog post. (Be sure to include your email!)

2. One week from today (June 21st) at, oh, let's say 10 a.m. (Los Angeles, CA time), I will put the names of everyone who's commented (only one entry per person, sorry!) into a Tupperware bowl, and draw out four names.

3. I'll then e-mail the lucky winners for their addresses, and send them their books!

And again, yes, this is partly to see if I can get more people to read my blog.

But you know what? It's also because I read Michael's book when it was released on the Kindle a couple of weeks ago. And I really loved it!

And I think you will, too.

So come on ... what are you waiting for? Post already!!!

(and P.S. - thanks!!)


Zach said...

I am really excited about reading the book. I have ordered it, but am sure I will want to give it to a number of friends.

I have been a reader of the Monk's blog for some time now. He is desperately missed. Thank you for getting the word out about Michael Spencer. I think he has some insights many in the Church need to hear.


E said...

I was directed to iMonk by a friend within the past year, and reading and posting there has become somewhat of an addiction. But everytime I try to swear off iMonk, 'cause I have a lot of things to do, both at work and at home, I find myself still checking it - and getting sucked right back in commenting again! O, wretched man that I am! :)

AG said...

I came to imonk after Michael passed away and I have found it to be a great resource for a struggling christian as myself.

(and a chance to win a free book? Sign me up!)

Anonymous said...

I have been a longtime reader of Michael Spencer's blog, and I am definitely looking forward to reading this book. Are you giving it away for free? Then by all means sign me up!

Brendan said...

I found the iMonk by a happy accident. He has been putting words to my thoughts ever since I've been reading him. I've been looking forward to his book and hope I can win a free copy from you. Thank you for promoting his work.


John said...

I came across iMonk a few months before he passed away. Thank you for promoting this book. Can't wait to read it!

IndyRoadie said...

I am really looking forward to reading this book. I really think the "church" needs a wake up call, and maybe this is it.