Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Curvy Catholic Lashes Out At CURVES!


I'm a little irritated with the nice lady at the downtown L.A. CURVES which I joined at the same time I joined Weight Watchers.

This morning I asked her to do my measurements before I started my workout. My last measurements were done on the date I joined, April 8, 2008.

So get this - here's what she came up with:

Weight - 4/8: 223-1/2; 4/30: 222 - which is inaccurate compared with my WW weigh-ins, showing I started at 224.4 and have now lost over 4 pounds; but at least it shows a loss, right?

But then we get to this:

Bust - 4/8: 40-1/2; 4/30: 46-1/2

Come on!!! My bust has gone from 40-1/2 inches to 46-1/2 inches -- in less than 3 weeks??? And yet I've LOST weight? Give me a break!

And all my other measurements have gone UP at least an inch or more!! (I'd like to post all of them but for some reason I can't seem to create a table, or set up tabs, in this format - if I figure it out I'll post it later!).

Yet if it wasn't been for the wildly ridiculous bust measurement, I would have shrugged and said the usual mantra, "Oh well, muscle weighs more than fat," and just gone on with my life.

But - come on!!! There's no way my bust has increased 6 inches in less than a month! I would have noticed that (and my husband would DEFINITELY have noticed that - nyuk nyuk!).

I told her that, and she kind of agreed, but then she said, "Oh, I can tell you're really disappointed - let me give you some tips on how to make your weight loss go faster!"

I told her I'm in Weight Watchers and I don't *want* my weight loss to go any faster - 3 pounds in less than a month is just fine, thank you, and I'm very satisfied with what I'm doing; I just want CURVES to do my measurements with a little more consistency so I can add that information into the mix!

But she still kept trying to make it seem like *I* had done something wrong!

I posted a thread at the Weight Watchers Forums with basically this same information and will check it with interest to see if anyone has any suggestions.

I am steaming - and not just from the workout! But maybe that'll help burn off some more calories - nyuk nyuk!

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Steve P said...

Yes, your husband (me) would definitely have noticed the rahter extraordinary bust size increase! Perhaps like Los Angeles politics, things are done a little differently in Los Angeles than up here in the great San Fernando Valley. Tha or she has a verrrry stretched flexible measure. :-)