Monday, May 5, 2008

Ready for a better week!

Well, last week I did a lot of bitching and moaning, both here in my blog and in various other forums. Mostly about how the Weight Watchers meetings I'd been to were unfriendly, and the Curves lady didn't know how to use a tape measure, and it's too hard to do this, and that, and the other thing.

I still think some of the things I complained about were valid criticisms. However, on Thursday morning, I went to my doctor and found out that I have SHINGLES! Which may well have made me more irritable than usual and, hence, more apt to bitch 'n moan.

Fortunately I seem to have dodged a bullet on the shingles - everyone I've mentioned them to shudders and says, "Eek, shingles! They're so painful!" But mine haven't been. They're on the left side of my neck, under my ear, and so far the worst pain has been comparable to a mild muscle ache. They do itch from time to time but I haven't felt compelled to scratch them, so they aren't spreading.

So thanks, God, for giving me a mild case of shingles - just enough to bring me back down to earth but not enough to ground me for good!

And after going to the doctor's on Thursday, I decided to hit a Weight Watchers meeting at a different location than the ones I'd been going to. And guess what - it was great! The leaders & weigh-in ladies were nice, and I even made a new friend (hi, Rita!).

The only down side was that my weigh-in showed a 3.2 pound GAIN! Eek! I rationalized it by saying that all my other weigh-ins had been on Saturday mornings, and this was a Thursday afternoon. Which may well have been the case. I'll know for sure next Saturday morning as I'll be going back to this location then - before breakfast!

As for CURVES, I've calmed down about the measuring thing and just decided to use them for exercise ONLY. I'll weigh in at Weight Watchers, and do my own tape measurements at home if I feel the need.

The main thing to keep in mind is - I am not doing this to please anyone at CURVES, or at Weight Watchers. I'm doing it for ME. And I'm not going to let anyone stop me this time!C

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