Saturday, May 10, 2008


Hey, I'm doing GREAT! (At least in my humble (and undoubtedly biased) opinion!

Today's weigh-in shows me down a total of 7.2 pounds from my starting weight! Weigh to go, eh?

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the WW meeting I wanted to go to this morning. My hubby is out of town, so I was in charge of cantoring for this morning's liturgy. It's what's called the 5th All Souls Saturday in the Byzantine Catholic Church - basically a liturgy for the departed. The priest reads the names of deceased members of all the families in the parish. It's actually kind of cool.

So this morning I just decided to get up super-early and went to the 7 a.m. meeting at the location I kinda sorta don't like that much. Fortunately the weird Aussie woman who insulted me wasn't the leader this morning, so it wasn't too bad.

Also, I knew our fellow cantor Kitt would want to go out to breakfast after liturgy. He hasn't been there on Saturday morning for a while, and enjoys going out to breakfast with us. I enjoy it too, so I didn't mind changing my plans a little. Next week maybe I can make it to the "good" location again.

It's been a good week, nutritionally, fitness-wise and personally! Nutritionally, I've kept well within my Points balances every day. Fitness-wise, I've continued exercising at CURVES three days a week (MWF). And personally - well, let's just say my husband is happy and so am I! ;-)

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