Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. President!

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Um, ok, well, Valentine's Day is over and it's President's Day, so that's why, so um ...

Hee hee! Sorry. I'm a little waterlogged today! It's POURING down rain here in beautiful downtown Los Angeles, California. I did my usual walk from the 7th & Metro subway station to Bunker Hill, and boy, is it a good thing I keep an extra pair of shoes in my desk, 'cause by the time I got here, I was walking on water - and NOT in a Messianic sense!

Oh yeah, weight loss 0.2 pounds, 189.0 - gotcha!

We had a really nice Valentine's Day - our church had a dance-slash-spaghetti dinner. Spaghetti and disco balls, yummm! And yes, my sweetie and I actually did dance! If you really want to you can find a few photos in my Flickr photostream which Steve's mom snapped on my camera while we were out on the floor. If I feel ambitious - and warmer! - later on I'll come back & post one here myself.

Boy, is it COLD! And WINDY! What I want to know is this: if you live somewhere other than sunny Southern California, what's it like where you live? And if it's over 50 degrees right now, can you find me a job? I'm ready to move!!!

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Christine said...

-2, windy, 2 feet snow. Want it?