Monday, February 23, 2009

Kind of in Limbo, not to mention DOIN' the Limbo!

189.4 - up 0.4. Not surprising, since hubby and I went to a Mardi Gras dance this weekend!

It was held at St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church in Fontana, California (sister church to our own St. Mary's in Sherman Oaks).

The food was EXCELLENT: real Southern fried chicken (not that fast-food crap!), cornbread (yum) and jambalaya with sliced kielbasa - MMMMM! Really good!

Not to mention really SPICY! Which of course meant that we had to imbibe lots of cool drinks to compensate!

The dancing part wasn't so great. Steve and I are not, um, shall we say, accomplished dancers? Actually, we kind of suck. And we also kind of suck at compensating for each other's goofs.

It didn't help that the music was SO LOUD WE COULDN'T HEAR A THING WHAD'D YOU SAY HUH HUH HUH??? I know, we're old, but still ...

At one point we actually came close to having a fight, about which I won't go into detail except to say we've made up, but we did leave the dance early because THE NOISE THE NOISE OMG IT WAS DRIVING US MAD! MAD, I SAY!!!

It's so nice to be at work, where it's vewy vewy quiet today. Perhaps a lot of rabbit hunting. ;-)

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