Monday, August 17, 2009

Git along, little bloggie!

Dear Blog,

So sorry to give you so little attention this week! Especially since I had a LOSS - a big one, 3.4 pounds! Whoopee!

But you see, Steve P. and I are preparing for our Big! Summer! Vacation! And frankly, I'm kinda stressing out, what with running this way and that, trying to get all the little last-minute details worked out.

And not always succeeding. For example, I tried to arrange for a vegan meal on the train (we're taking the Coast Starlight up to Olympia, Washington - did I mention that? No? Sorry!). But unfortunately you're supposed to call them 72 hours before the train departs - and silly me, I waited till an unpardonably late 69 hours!

So on the trip up, I'll just have to forage for myself. I'm not really worried - a loaf of wheat bread, some peanut butter and jelly, some soup mix, and some powdered soy milk, and I'll be just fine. I figure they'll have fresh fruit at breakfast.

And coffee. I could probably live for 36 hours on a steady stream of coffee!

Anyway, Blog, as I said, sorry about the short entry. Next week will probably be a little sparse as well, since we'll still be on the road. But Steve's taking his Netbook, so I may be able to post some nifty photos!

Take care, little Blog (and all the millions of readers thereof) - have a great week!


The Curvy Catholic

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Shevaun said...

I began my life as a vegan today, and was surprised to see another Catholic vegan out there in the blogosphere. My husband is convinced I will starve to death or, alternately, that my bones will dissolve from calcium deficiency. I know absolutely nothing about the 3 stooges - their supposed to be funny, right?