Monday, August 24, 2009

On the Road Again!

Hi gang! No weigh-in this week - I'm in beautiful downtown Lacey, Washington, trying my best to write this week's entry on Steve's Netbook, which has a teeny tiny keyboard - actually it's 92% the size of a regular one, but that's JUST small enough that I keep hitting the wrong keys! At least I know where "backspace" is (nyuk nyuk)!

We have been visiting the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Lacey-Olympia-Tacoma-Seattle area, and today had a wonderful time on Vashon Island - among other things, Vashon was the home of the late great Betty MacDonald, author of "The Egg and I" as well as many other wonderful books. We visited her farm and I got some great photos, but we didn't stay long because (a) no one was there who really seemed interested in showing us around and (b) I really, really had to use the restroom!

So we sped back to Vashon (after I bought - on the honor system - two bars of soap labeled "Betty MacDonald Farm" as well as a jar of honey, which I don't know when/if I'll ever use as it's not really vegan - anyone want it?), hit the restrooms at the library, and spent about an hour just walking around and enjoying the ambience.

After that, we drove over to a really cool lighthouse (? Robinson Point? can't recall but Steve is looking it up on the map even as I write), then to an Orthodox monastery, which was nice except yours truly had to wear what basically amounted to a burkah in order not to scandalize the monks. Which I wouldn't have minded except it was really HOT! Muslim men should be really careful around their wives - they're probably seething with heat-induced rage under those things!!

(And it was Point Robinson - thanks, sweetie!)

So all in all a very nice vacation. Tomorrow morning we climb aboard the Coast Starlight and head back to good ol' Southern Cal.

And then ... there WILL be a weigh-in. (Shudder ... !!!)

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