Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Mondays? well ...

OK, let's start with all the positives:

1. I LOST all the vacation weight - now I'm back to 180.2 and feeling great! The trick (for me) was to actually schedule, in writing, my treadmill workouts - like making an appointment with myself that I just HAD to keep!

2. I WON the "Tall Tales" contest at my local Toastmasters! Which means next Tuesday I go on to compete in the district competition - which means I have to stay at work after dark! Fortunately Steve P. is willing to come and pick me up (health permitting - get better soon, sweetie!!).

3. I'm starting college today! Grand Canyon University online, that is! Today is the first day of my first class and I've already done the first assignment (posting a short bio in the "Cyber Cafe"). Hey - that was easy! Where's my degree? nyuk nyuk

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