Saturday, September 19, 2009

Changing My Patterns - Maybe That'll Change my Weight Loss!

Uh, gulp. To anyone out there who was actually thinking of me as any kind of MENTOR fawgawdsake -

This week's weight GAIN - 4.4 pounds.

(Moment of silence for my temporarily deceased Weight Watching efforts.)

But that's TEMPORARY and I am determined that, now that we're home and pretty much done with all the vacations and the super-exotic Amtrak vegan meals (HAH!!) I can get back on track (get it? Amtrak? back on track? I kill me!) and get the weight LOSS going again!

And I'm making a small but perhaps significant change to help jump-start that effort. Notice that I'm blogging on Saturday evening, instead of the usual Monday? Well, from now on I'm going to blog more often, basically whenever the mood strikes me.

Will still "check in" on Monday but won't be so OCD about it. If something interesting happens and I think, "Ooooh, I should blog about that ... if I can remember it till Monday!", well, what the hell, I'll just get to a computer and blog right away.

Speaking of which - I got a comment last week from a new member of the Conservative Vegan Club (a small but proud group, we are, eh?) -


Check it out! conserVegan self-describes as "Christian, Conservative and Vegan".

Hey - just like me! This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Or at least, a profitable cross-linkage for one or both of us (depending on who actually gets more hits, and I suspect it's conserVegan, but I'm gonna see if I can do something about that, nyuk nyuk!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog- as a past successful Weight Watcher all I can say is Keep it up! It sounds like you really have a great attitude. I found your blog through my mom (ConserVegan) and have found it really enjoyable to read. It's always so wonderful to find people of like-minds! I linked to your site from mine- hope that's ok :)

Anonymous said...

Hi curvy!

Thanks for the shout out. I'm happy to make a new conservative vegan friend :), and I could use a bit of traffic myself, being a newbie blogger and all. Not to mention there just plain aren't many of 'us' out here.

I am also an on and off denizen of the WW meetings - it helps to keep me in check and from time to time to drop the un-necessary poundage.

Continued good luck to you with WW. Referencing your Amtrak 'food' I'm sure I'll be posting about the airline 'food' when I get back from a trip next week...think I'll be brown-bagging it on the flight. Take care